Experiment H1

In H1 experiment at the HERA accelerator at DESY in Hamburg, where physicists, engineers and PhD students from the Center for Particle Physics work together, are studied collisions of electrons with protons, which provide basic information about the structure of matter at small distances. Prague laboratories contribute to this experiment since 1987, partly on the construction of the parts of the detector, and also participating in the operation of the experiment, software development and physical processing of the results. At the end of 2000, the accelerator modernization began, which led to a quadrupled quantity of collisions, allowing the study of the very rarely forthcoming events in which new physics signals were sought. At the same time, the H1 detector itself was modernized, which significantly improved its detection capabilities. The CČF contributed to this modernization by the development and construction of the backward and forward silicon detector and the development of software for processing data from it.

The experiment started again to record the data in 2003 and finally ended on June 30, 2007. At present, the activity focuses on data analysis, which is expected to continue till 2019.