BST and FST electronics

The BST and FST (Forward and Backward Silicon Trackers) are common projects of the laboratories in DESY II (Zeuthen) and Prague (Institute of Physics, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Repulic - FzU).

BST resp. FST are the silicon detectors which measure tracks of the particles close to the H1 detector axis from forward (proton direction) resp backward direction. They extend the acceptance for charm particles for low resp. high x approximatelly by one order of magnitude in both directions. Therefore the BST and FST detectors enable to measure more efficiently Heavy Flavour Physics as well as Deep Inelastic Scattering at very high momentum transfer squared (FST) and moreover to search for new physics beyond the standard model. BST-FST

DESY Zeuthen proposed and constructed all silicon detectors, front-end and trigger electronics used for the strip and pad silicon detectors. FzU participated in the BST construction, development and production of the converter cards for power supply and repeater and signal boards used in detectors for read-out electronics.

For high resolution u-v strip detectors the BST repeater design has been modified and new boards are used for the BST and FST detectors. The design was shared between DESY Zeuthen and FzU Prague, the production and tests have been made in Prague.

The new converter cards have been upgraded and used for the new repeater boards (see Fig. 1 - bottom) and new u-v strip detectors. To each of the repeater boards belongs six subrepeaters (see Fig.1 - top) and Fig. 2). The completed modul (repeater together with the six subrepeaters) is shown on the Fig. 3. Design, fabrication and installation has been made by engineers from Prague. The FzU group consisted from the engineers M.Janata, I.Kacl, J.Stastny, physicist J.Hladky and PhD student M. Nozicka